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02 September 2009 @ 11:14 am
Graphic Novel Questionnaire:  
Hello! :D

Now this could be relevant to Ten2/Rose, because I have actually written a Doctor Who graphic novel that should be appearing at some point in the future! Plus another graphic novel that I'm going to get up in around March next yea (but that's not Doctor Who lol) So I've done a questionnaire for people to fill out. It is important imformation so it'd be great if you let me know your thoughts and post them into a comment or something! :D


Beres xxx

1. What's your favourite comic? (either Doctor Who or non Doctor Who related)

2. Have you come across Graphic Novels before? and if so what's your favourite one?

3. Have you ever attempted to write/draw a graphic novel yourself?

4. What form of art do you most enjoy in graphic novels?

5. Which genre from the below do you think would work best for a graphic novel?

a. Romance b. Superhero c. Steampunk d. Supernatural e. Science Fiction f. Other

6. Have you come across or read any web comics/graphics novels before and if so do you enjoy them and why?

7. Do you think that an online graphic novel would appeal to you?

8. How many times a week do you think an online graphic novel should update?

9. Would a online graphic novel with mulitple storylines appeal to you or would you rather have one solid storyline?

10. Would you give constructive critism (on both writing and art) on the online graphic novel should there be facilities to do so?