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Ten.5 and Rose Community.

The Stories of an impossible Human Being and the girl who stole his heart....

Ten.2 and Rose community
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Ten.5/Rose Community.
Welcome to Ten.2_rose_love!

This is basically a fanfiction specifically for Ten.5/Rose Fanfictions.

Just a few Rules:

1. I don't want any Flamers for or anything like that because... well it's just not fair on the authour now is it? You wouldn't like it on yours, so don't do it. If you don't like the pairings/warnings/generes of the story ect then just leave it and find another one.

2. Please before you do post something however make sure there's a header for a fic that generally goes under the lines of what's below. This way it avoids someone reading something that they wouldn't want to:

3. Add an LJ cut. Believe me I know they can be tricky, but it's a lot easier for the readers.

4. Have fun!

Comic competition:

How will the competition work?

In order to participate, you firstly need to sign up. Sign ups will be taking place for the next month.

After you sign up, you need to write a script for a comic. Which will then be sent to us to prove you've managed it, and find an artist if you can't draw but want to participate.

After the scripts have been checked and artists assigned then you're free to draw the comics..but with a few simple guidelines.


1. All comics have to include either The Human Doctor and Rose, or The Tenth Doctor and Rose (I knwo this is a a comm for Human/Rose, but because the mods love Ten so much, we decided to broaden the horizons a little bit more.)

2. All comics can include other characters from the Whoian universe, however, it must include Rose and the Doctor/Human Doctor. And must be no longer than ten pages.

3. The comics can be original, or adapted from a fanfiction that you've written.

Dates to remember:

6th June: Sign up for writers and artist deadline.

11th July: Script Deadline.

Final comic/art deadline, coming soon but will be some point in August.